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180DC UGM & BCG Jakarta Webinar: Cracking the Case Interview

Case interviews play the most crucial step in a consulting recruitment process. We will be provided with a business problem and required to solve it in a short span of time. While the atmosphere can be quite tense, we could be blanked all of the sudden just after being given the case problem.

Well, maybe it would not be a big problem for the pro. But, how do we get there? How are we able to solve it in time?

To ace a consulting case crack interview, 180 Degrees Consulting UGM collated the basic knowledge to answer the interview and deliver the solutions in a webinar titled “Crack the Case: How to Solve Problems Like a Consultant” on Thursday (17/08).

Attended by 420 participants, the webinar was attended by people from 98 local universities and 16 international universities ranging from Asia, Europe, and America. Surprisingly, the participants came from 172 different majors. Here, we also invited Faradisya Anintya, as an Associate Consultant in BCG Jakarta, to share the tips and tricks on how to crack the case right to the bone.

Get to Know More about Case Interview

Case interview requires you to solve complex problems with one major question or topic using a quantitative and qualitative approach. The objective of this interview is to test our structure, logic, and also communication skills.

There are several types of case interview, varies from a candidate-led, interviewer-led, written interview, and group interview case. But the most common style used by companies (e.g. BCG, Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman, and Strategy&) is the candidate-led case.

With this type of case interview, candidates are highly demanded to lead the case with minimal pointers from the interviewer.

A seasoned player like Fara even said that this stage might be quite challenging for candidates as they are expected to give the solution within 20-30 minutes only. The candidate will be given the time to learn the case and clarify some questions to the interviewer.

Practice Time!: Case Study with Faradisya Anintya

In the case study session, participants were given the sample case interview and were asked to solve the problem. Surprisingly, they were highly engaged in the case and actively participated during this session.  

To answer the case interview, we would start with structuring the framework and developing each question before giving the initial hypothesis. Do not forget to mark some points that need a deep-dive analysis later on.

Fara emphasized that in making a framework, there is neither a single right approach nor an answer, so we are free to demonstrate our thoughts using the framework we have chosen. Lastly, evaluate the framework by asking “what is missing?” or “how can it be better?”.

The core part that takes the most time is analysis. Dive into the structure and answer each question using quantitative and qualitative approaches. When using a quantitative approach, gather the numbers into a table, calculate efficiently, and double-check whether the number make sense or not.

Finally, wrap the case up with a conclusion and your recommendation, give some key risks to consider, and mention the next steps that need to be done.

At the end of the session, Fara introduced some simple steps to ace your case interview skills. You can start to gather up resources, such as casebooks, or watch mock cases from YouTube or other channels. Then practice to structure and present your framework to a friend as it might be useful to improve your skill later on.

Most importantly, always track your progress by summarizing every feedback given by your peers or mentors and evaluate your areas of development.

While it’s mostly known that consulting is identical with business and related majors, the industry has actually become quite popular amongst those from other backgrounds. Here, not only that 180DC UGM aspires to facilitate those who wish to enter consulting, but lacks the knowledge and resources to successfully passing their case interview, but we also hope to debunk the myth that management consulting only belongs to certain majors.

We believe that the core of consulting lies in its problem-solving and communication skills, and those two can be honed by everyone regardless of their background.

180DC UGM.

With enough practice and persistence, everyone can pull through a consulting case interview. Quoting Fara, when it comes to the case interview, the key is to be disciplined and committed to constant learning.

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