180 Degrees Consulting UGM

Universitas Gadjah Mada branch of the world’s largest student-led consultancy for non-profits, non-governmental organization, and social enterprises. With our highly talented analysts, we are determined to provide high quality and affordable services to our clients. Reach us out if you want to request consulting services or if you have any other queries.

Our Focus Areas



Environmental Sustainability

Alleviating Poverty

We Believe in the Power of Social Change

By virtue of providing high quality consulting services to non-profits

We Develop Innovative Solutions

Finding creative solutions for your unique challenges

With Practical Strategy

Maximize and showcase your positive impact 

To Reach Sustainable Impact

We’re here to help, scale up your impact with us!


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Our Clients Say About Us

"The 180 DC has been very helpful and communicative during the project. I truly appreciate when they kept asking questions on things which were not clear."

Davira Rizky Chairunnisa

Founder and CEO of Berbagi Beras Indonesia

"Hasil (konsultasi) yang dapat diaplikasikan dengan mudah dan langsung untuk Kopi Sembilan."

Ihwan Susanto

Owner of Kopi Sembilan

"(180DC UGM) memetakan strategi menjadi strategic insights"

Albert Sutanto

Co-founder of Inisiatif Mampu


Meet the Co-Founders

Of 180DC UGM

Veronika Xaveria


Abyan Irsyad

Vice President & Director of Client Engagement

Erica Lesmana

Director of Consulting

Yudhi Permadi

Director of Finance

Fajar Ryan Akhra

Director of Information Technology

Jasmine Mutia Salsabila

Director of Internal Strategy & Growth

Christian Dwi Budiman

Director of Marketing

Auwalia Ramadhani

Director of Human Resources

Our Consulting Service Offerings

The offer to our services will range from Strategic Analysis to Strategy Implementation

Impact Model Analysis

Impact analysis will be an indicator for successful organization that aims to create social benefit for society & environment

a. Recognizing and assessing impact with critical thinking tools (De Bono, Bus Stops, etc) or Benchmarking.

b. Constructing alternative to create better process and achieve the impact.

Marketing Analysis

Ampact analysis will be a tool to gain valuable customer insights, this service becomes an area of importance for our potential clients.

a. Analyzing client’s marketing insights 

b. Generating marketing plan alternatives

c. Recommending the suitable platforms to be utilized by clients

Management Information System

Information flow has become one of the foundations to reach better data management 

a. Emphasizing the importance of information flow

b. Increase the information transparency regarding organizational expenses, operations, etc 

c. Generating alternative of tools that provide optimal performance

Human Resource Management 

Human resources is not something to disregard to create a bigger impact – Here we serve the ways to improve it

a. Start by conducting behavior analysis

b. Constructing the suitable Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) 

c. Recommending relevant sets of HR tools

Client and Vendor Management 

External relationship with clients or third parties is an important aspect in supply chain management. 

a. Assessing issue or potential client.

b. Generating ideal strategy to approach or avoid problems

c. Presenting relevant strategy as the final recommendations

Developing Optimal Services 

Effective and efficient value chain is crucial in achieving organizational success

a. Conducting value chain analysis

b. Identifying potential bottlenecks in the process

c. Propose a better operational workflow

Project and Strategy Implementation 

a. Previously, client needs to take at least one of the 6 previous services offerings.

b. Create a program proposal with detailed technicalities which will be implemented if approved

c. Generating monthly report and presenting the program output as the final deliverable