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There is no shortage of organizations that desire to improve the state of the world, be it in education, health, economic, or environments.

However, many find themselves constrained: limited resources, limited time, limited staff, and limited money.

We were born exactly to solve that.


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2020/2021 Team

Kopi Sembilan

Kopi Sembilan is a local coffee shop in Yogyakarta who serves manual brewed coffee. We helped them by examining operational bottlenecks, conducting field research and analysis, recommending initiatives to enhance operational efficiency.

2020/2021 Team

Berbagi Beras

Berbagi Beras Indonesia is a nonprofit organization who aims to distribute hulled rice to orphanages, tahfidz schools, and dhuafas. We assisted them in growing the donors base and crafting a stratagic plan for the following four years.

2020/2021 Team


Lingotalk is an online language learning platform aiming to democratize language learning through technology and make Indonesians not afraid to speak in multiple languages. We assists them in strategizing their marketing strategy, creating user persona, campaign strategy, and brand management.

2020/2021 Team

Inisiatif Mampu

Mampu Initiative is a foundation aiming to help COVID-19-impacted workers. The foundation was founded in 2020 and focuses its values on transparency and sustainability. We assists them 2 project scopes, namely crowdfunding strategy and content marketing.

2020/2021 Team

Planet Protector Packaging

PPP is adistributor of sustainable insulated packaging solution made from 100% sheep wool waste and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand. We assisted them in creating market entry strategy to Indonesia and advise them the way the best ways to enter the ecosystem.

2020/2021 Team


Bullyid App is a future AI mobile app that combines psychology & law principles to proactively identify bullying with an AI-analysis. We assisted them in strategizing and researching mental health trends in Indonesia as well as road mapping Bullyid’s marketing campaign.

Our Experiences

Veronika Xaveria photo

Over the past one year, we have achieved so much beyond our initial expectations. if you’re keen on consulting in the social impact space, make 180DC part of your journey.

Veronika Xaveria

Former President of 180DC UGM

Ahmad Lutfi K. photo

Joining 180DC has helped me grow. I learned how to make competitive landscape mapping and delivered it like a consultant. We learned a lot of new things together and were mentored by professionals, without really focusing on our background!

Ahmad Lutfi K.

Project Analyst 180DC UGM

Tashia Maharani T. photo

180DC UGM has opened a lot of opportunities and expanded my network unlike never before. It's a great place if you want to catalyze your growth, challenge yourself beyond your major, and wish to hone yourself and finish the term with an internship or full-time offer in hand.

Tashia Maharani T.

Marketing Analyst of 180DC UGM

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