We are the first Indonesian branch of world’s largest student-led consultancy

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About Us

180 Degrees Consulting Universitas Gadjah Mada

We are the first Indonesian branch of the world’s largest consultancy for non-profit and social enterprises.

Being at the very forefront of desirable change, 180 Degrees Consulting UGM has helped various entities in overcoming the challenges they face at extremely affordable costs.

We aim to further broaden our reach through various programs accessible to the public.

Our Vision

We do what we do because we believe in effective charity, and because we believe in developing the next generation of social impact leaders.

Our Mission

Yogyakarta has a robust social entrepreneurial ecosystem: nonprofit organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and SMEs. We are there to help them by providing pro-bono consulting services by a qualified and trained student.

Our Impact in 2020

We arecommitted to to give back to society and deliver excellent standards in everything we do, as illustrated by our university motto, “Locally Rooted, Globally Respected”.



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How We Operate

We have two main arms, namely Consulting and Sustainable Organization.


Project Leaders and Project Analysts will assist the clients by running a consulting project as a means of helping them to overcome any challenges they might be facing or by just helping them take that next step towards where they want to be.

Sustainable Organization

To maintain a sustainable organization, Functional Analysts will manage the operations of our branch to ensure it will run smoothly and sustainably as a means of our succession planning.

Our Trusted Partners

We work with excellent companies to deliver high-quality , pro-bono consulting services

Meet the Cofounders

Veronika Xaveria

Veronika Xaveria

Co-Founder and Former President

Abyan Irsyad

Abyan Irsyad

Co-Founder & Former VP, Director of Client Engagement

Christian Dwi Budiman

Christian Dwi Budiman

Co-Founder & Former Director of Marketing

Jasmine Mutia Salsabila

Jasmine Mutia Salsabila

Co-Founder & Former Director of Internal Strategy and Growth

Erica  Lesmana

Erica Lesmana

Co-Founder & Former Director of Consulting

Fajar Ryan Akhra

Fajar Ryan Akhra

Co-Founder & Former Director of Information and Technology

Auwalia Ramadhani

Auwalia Ramadhani

Co-Founder & Former Director of Human Resources

Yudhi Permadi

Yudhi Permadi

Co-Founder & Former Director of Finance and Legal

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